Artist/ DJ/ Saxophonist/ Producer
Genre: House/ Deep House/ Tech/ Nu Disco

Saxtone has been following the trails of music with a saxophone in his hands from early childhood, from jazz improvisations and classical music, he traveled all the way to contemporary dance music.

His electronic music career started with a group “Proper Heat”. With a well-known Lithuanian DJ/producer Martin Virgin and singer/actor Karolis Ramoška they created an exquisite alliance of three unique musicians, which led to several albums released on Nang records (UK) and many shows in Lithuania and Northern Europe. 

As a producer and saxophonist Saxtone built his reputation as the rising talent, with a special ability to combine saxophone and electronic music. His music has reached the tops of local dance radio charts for several times and songs such as One Love (ft. Catrinah) and “You Got Me” are being played all over the globe.

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